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Open the railway bridge to allow cyclists and pedestrians to get over to Wembley Park. Would avoid the need to navigate Wembley triangle when coming from the north circular.

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

On E-Scooters: The Government will be debating E-Scooters soon, and my MP Sarah Jones has told me she will be forwarding this solution. Greenpeace agree with this idea. For Towns 'streets and roads', make one Pavement for Pedestrians ... [more]


Potential spot for a bike hangar.

Hi, It would be nice to have a cycle parking in Brondesbury park. Any plan to develop the network? Thank you Riccardo

There's a big residential building - Exeter Mansions. Multiple tenants would like to commute to work by bike but there is nowhere they could park their bikes (neither around nor inside the building). Moreover there are no bike parkings anyw ... [more]

Entry point to cycle-path is often blocked by parked cars. This could be addressed by extending the zigzag marking next to the adjacent pedestrian crossing so that parking in front of the entry point is prohibited.

Cycle lane either side of Carlton Vale provides good space but is poorly maintained, resulting in a build up of broken glass, debris and leaves and causing cyclists to use the main carriageway.

Bike theft is rampant around these parts (I've just had mine stolen). There's space for a secure locker on either side of the street at this junction - I'm sure it'd be a popular location.

Cyclehoop. I've previously had my bike stolen from this street.

Can the bridge be designated suitable for cycing or additional width added? This is an important link for cyclists between Harrow/Kenton and Preston Road/Wembley.

Need a crossing for cyclists going in both directions, Gayton Road and Northwick Avenue

Cycling has become a necessity for getting around safely but not all flats have space/contracts that support bike storage indoors. Council provided bike storage would be really valuable in alleviating this challenge and support a healthier/ ... [more]

Lack of segregated cycle path along a5 prevents direct cycle link into central London

Cycling from Northwick Ave to Gayton Rd involves a dangerous right turn from Kenton Road onto Gayton Rd. Some sort of protection is needed here

This is a dead end road so a cycle hangar could be installed without taking away parking or blocking a pavement. It's right next to a current cycle path through to Dyne Road

It would be great to have 1 cycle stand on each side of Teignmouth Road where it meets Walm Lane.

Bumpy road: the presence of holes on the road makes it dangerous to pedal when cars come from behind.

The bike path available now is narrow and the road slanted towards the pavement, making it really hard to pedal here going uphill and with cars behind you.

Used as an alternative to High Rd, for lack of cycleways there as well. It doesn't have enough space for two cars passing opposite directions, cycling is unsafe here.

High Rd is heavily congested, it doesn't feel safe to ride on the road. Families with kids often use the pavement, but this doesn't feel safe either, would need to be widened

A bike hanger of any description would be a welcome asset to the many cyclists forced to store bikes in their front gardens! The pavement is HUGE as the road was narrowed to slow traffic and improve safety - also one less parking space wou ... [more]

Space to park bikes, as these are flats with no place to put bicycles, it would be helpful to have space on Leighton Gardens.

East Lane is a very busy road connecting Sudbury and Wembley. It also has 3 large schools, 2 tube stations and many shops including 2 supermarkets. There is currently no safe segregated cycle lane and could also benefit from school streets ... [more]

Suggest bike shelter

Filter here for low traffic neighbourhood

Area is mostly converted flats, with an excessive use of road parking. A single cycle parking area would encourage cycling and allow those that do to free up some space in their homes.

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

Modal filter (walking/cycling only) to create low traffic neighbourhood

It would be great for the community to have a couple of covered bike stands in Teignmouth Road near the corner of Walm Lane, due to complete lack of secure bike parking in the area. The ones in 2 miles radius are all fully booked. Local sho ... [more]

The pavements are uneven, cracked and dangerous. Pedestrians have been injured. We would like to see the pavements replaced with decent paving.

The volume of cars entering this park is unacceptable. Cycle path needs to be designated or cycling prohibited.

Linking south Kilburn to central Kilburn. Cycling from salusbury road to wembley is dangerous as soon as one leaves the conservation area of Kilburn.

Linking south Kilburn to central Kilburn. Cycling from salusbury road to wembley is dangerous as soon as one leaves the conservation area of Kilburn.

Linking south Kilburn to central Kilburn. Cycling from Salusbury Road to Wembley is dangerous as soon as one leaves the conservation area of Kilburn.

Cars go too fast as they crest the hill and then down Willesden Lane. It is hazardous trying to turn right into Winchester Avenue; cars come up on the inside and undertake which is dangerous

The corner of Riffel Road and Jeymer Avenue is unsafe for pedestrians as cars turn left too fast onto Jeymer Avenue and lines of sight are poor

This is dangerous for cyclists - its a through road for cars going on to Jeymer Avenue and beyond and they drive fast and aggressively. Too many near misses

Typical for the hostile road layout in Brent! Very dangerous and horrible place for pedestrians walking on the Harrow Road to cross Craven Park Road as motorized vehicles turning left have priority. Zebra crossing should be established on ... [more]

Too much (stealth) traffic

This junction is too wide for pedestrians to cross the road. It has been designed to prioritize motor vehicle traffic and make it very comfortable to turn without of discomfort for the drivers to slow down from 30mph in a 20mph zone. A typi ... [more]

Although a wide road, there's no cycle path in any direction and cyclists are pushed out of the way with close passes.

The parking cars in this area occupy unproportionatly large public space, hence I would restrict parking only on one side of the road and also introduce one way traffic for motorised vehicles, while letting bicycle traffic bi-directional. T ... [more]

Halstow Road London NW105DB

The only way to access the station or cycle towards Wembley is via the pavement. The connection with Harrow Road needs to be improved, eg dropped kerb and cycling facilities on the bridge

The A5 is an important route from the north west into central London with no cycling infrastructure. Brent needs to create a segregated, continuous cycle lane along the whole A5 route within its control

Stop through traffic from Stag Lane to A5

Additional bicycle storage in anticipation of the increased demand in young people cycling to the school post-COVID19 lockdown.

Redesign crossing from Grasmere Ave to Southbound side of Preston Road - which is currently like a dual carriageway with a raised kerb up and down in the middle of it.

Unsafe for cycling

This corner is dangerous enough without cycles cycling the wrong way through a one way road!

Narrow road without cycle pathways

Chapter road is a residential road, yet is used primarily as a rat hole for cars trying to avoid the traffic on the high road. Cars speed down Chapter Road/St.Pauls' avenue, which is hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists. Please close Chap ... [more]

Pavement too narrow for social distancing. Too many cars cut down this road to get from the A404 to Church Road.

Pavement too narrow to socially distance. Road suffers from excessive traffic use - too many cars cutting from A404 to Church Road using this road.

Create a Barn Hill low traffic neighbourhood in streets adjacent to the open space.

Create a low traffic neighbourhood by restricting movements at Ledway / Ravenscroft junction

School Street at St Gregory's School to complete mini-low traffic neighbourhood and to improve safety for children.

School Street at Mt Stewart Schools to prevent rat running and improve safety for children.

Closure to prevent rat-running from Woodhill Cr to Shaftesbury Ave / Westward Way.

Low traffic neighbourhood

Low traffic neighbourhood

Remove or rethink the kissing gate at the entrance of Gladstone Park as it is a barrier that discriminates against disabled cyclists and any non regular cycle users, and prevents access to the Quietway 3 that runs through the park. We are ... [more]

Alternative cycling route to other busy and narrow high roads in this area

Low car traffic can work as alternative for walking and cycling to the busy Wembley Park drive

Stag Lane and Roe Green are narrow roads that should not act as an alternative traffic corridor to the A5. Stag Lane should be filtered to only be a through-route for buses and bikes.

Car pavement parking removed. victoria road Queens park

Temporary cycling and pedestrian crossing. Acton Lane/Winchelsea Road

Temporary crossing in line people actually walk. Engineers Way

Remove barriers at the crossing and phase so pedestrians can cross in one go. Empire Way/Engineers Way

It is virtually impossible to cross safely. This crossing should be a diagonal crossing, such as in Oxford Circus. Lights should be timed differently as vulnerable people cannot cross within the time allotted. Junction of High Street Harles ... [more]

Widening of pavement, Crownhill Road / Craven Park Road

The bus stop in front of Catto Pharmacy (Buckingham Road bus stop) at 79 High St, Harlesden, is very tight due to shops and many people waiting for the bus. It is impossible to pass by safely

The length of pavement between New Crescent Yard and the traffic lights at the Acton Lane/Station Road junction is very narrow, and it is impossible to maintain distancing here, particularly with people waiting at the bus stop and getting o ... [more]

Belton Road, School Street

School Streets that would benefit Queen's Park Community School and Malorees.

School Streets, North End Road

Neasden Lane North, Access crossing of the North Circular and link to existing Q3

Pop-up cycle lanes/Healthy Corridors on either side so that cyclists can cycle more safely. Single yellow lines should be removed so that cars do not park after 6.30 as this (and bus lanes) creates an unsafe corridor for cyclists on the nar ... [more]

From the Jubilee Clock, down High Street Harlesden leading down Craven Park Road. There should be cycle lanes in both directions and parking should be removed.

Pop Up Cycle Lanes/Healthy corridor to support staff access to hospital

Pop up cycle lanes

Widening of pavement where space isn't enough to safely distance. Willesden High Road

Widen pavement all along Kilburn High Road

Better access to the park for people cycling and walking.

Widening pavement along the high road

Widening pavement around Queen's Park station

Bus and Cycle Only. Route motor vehicles onto Manor Park Road away from the town centre. Harlesden High Street, Craven Park Road

Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Low Traffic Neighbourhood. Too much through traffic at the moment. St John's Rd

Low Traffic Neighbourhood. Currently has too much through traffic

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